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LCO CEO earns recognition as Executive of the Year finalist

November 10, 2023 | By Kara Steele
LCO CEO earns recognition as Executive of the Year finalist

Life Connection of Ohio President & CEO Matthew Wadsworth is honored to be a finalist for the Dayton Business Journal’s prestigious Executive of the Year Award.

Matthew is not a fan of personal accolades or recognition, but here we are. He embodies Life Connection of Ohio’s core values – let’s go mentality, uncompromising advocacy and authenticity – and leans into the organization’s strategic anchors – healthy partnerships, operational excellence and donation done the right way. Matthew jumps at the chance to do anything humanly possible to serve more families and save more lives through organ donation.

In the past four years under Matthew’s leadership, Life Connection of Ohio has seen a 112% increase in the number of donor heroes and a 34% increase in the number of organs transplanted. In 2021, Matthew testified before the United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability about the need to expedite regulations to hold organ procurement organizations accountable for their performance. This year, Matthew provided testimony during the Senate Committee on Finance Health Care Subcommittee hearing centered on organ transplantation system reform. Matthew continues to be an outspoken advocate for the urgent need for reform, and he remains laser focused on providing families with the opportunity for donation and on facilitating the gift of life for those in need.

During his time at Life Connection of Ohio, Matthew has earned various awards, including two from the Dayton Business Journal – Forty Under 40 and Health Care Hero.

“I’m not just saying this because he is my boss. Matthew is a true visionary, and he is not afraid to stand up for what is right. I have been so impressed with and inspired by his work – especially on a national stage – and his unwavering passion and determination to save more lives through organ donation,” Life Connection of Ohio Director of Community Services Kara Steele said.

Life Connection of Ohio team members feel lucky to be led by Matthew, who they consider their Executive of the Year.