Comfort Shawls
Alex Yakumithis | Brother of Donor Hero | Toledo, Ohio
Laurie Clemons
Northwood, Ohio

Although organ donation offers a silver lining in a tragic situation, donor families are still forced to face the painful reality of leaving the hospital without their loved one. Life Connection of Ohio tries to ease that pain by offering families a comfort shawl at the time of their loved one’s donation so they do not have to leave empty-handed. Families can wrap themselves in the comfort shawl to feel close to their loved one.

Life Connection of Ohio needs comfort shawls to offer donor families.

The preferred size is approximately 30 inches by 50 inches, and the preferred colors are blue, green or neutral. For more information, contact our Family Aftercare Coordinators.

"I use the shawl and place it on my bed to remind me that my husband is still alive through donation. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile."
- Wife of a Donor Hero
"Receiving the shawl was meaningful and heartfelt, and something we will cherish forever. The shawl is like having my daughter’s arms around me, comforting me."
- Mother of a Donor Hero